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    Bump Watch: 20 Weeks

      Oops… almost forgot it was Thursday! I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant with little man! Finally feeling lots of movement. We had an ultrasound this week that showed all his little fingers, and toes, and a perfect brain and heart, and everything else… AND we confirmed the blood test was right, and this baby is indeed ALL BOY! 💙 What else is going on in our world…. umm, his twin sisters are fighting like crazy this week, his 3 year old sister won’t wear anything but beautiful dresses because she is a real princess, and his youngest sister turned 11 months today 😜 and is trying realllly hard to stand on her own! …

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    Bump Watch: 19 Weeks

      19 weeks! And boy, time is just flying by! We’re technically almost halfway done… but I’d say, for me, this is halfway! My full term babies seem to always come around the 38 mark.. maybe a few days after. We’ll see when baby boy decides he’ll be done cookin! ☺😍  

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    Bump Watch: 18 Weeks!

      18 weeks! Not much going on over here. No kicks, no movement, no cravings, not sick…. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve actually checked for a heartbeat a few times recently just to make sure he was good! Belly is definitely growing though, and I’ve gained a pound, maybe two… so, no complaints here! Pregnancy is one time when BORING = GOOD! I’ve had a super eventful, not so boring, pregnancy… and man, was it scary! So, I’ll take boring any day! Wouldn’t mind feeling a few kicks though! Soon, maybe?! People say you feel kicks/movement sooner with evach pregnancy, but that’s not the case here! 💙  

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    Bump Watch: 17 Weeks

      17 weeks for mama + lots of milk for big sister 💜And we’re FINALLY bumpin over here! At least I feel like baby has really popped out over the past few days! Emme thinks so too… she wanted in on the bump pictures tomorrow and said she just can’t wait for her baby brother 😍😍…. and then added, “Mommy, I think you’re having lots of babies because your belly is quite big!” Lol… just wait, little one, we’re about to get a whole lot bigger! 😂  

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    Bump Watch: 16 weeks!

    Another week in the books! Hello, week 16! 💙 I have still yet to be asked by anyone in public, or at the girls’ school, or any other place I normally frequent if I’m pregnant… I think we’re in that awkward “wait- did she just put on some lbs or is she pregnant?!” stage. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤰But I’m betting in another week or two, there will be NO question! 😂 Baby should be the size of an avocado now… but will double it’s weight in just the next few weeks! Heart rate was 168 this week at the docs, and our 20 week ultrasound is scheduled! 😍 Oh, and I’m still waiting on that second trimester energy and…

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    Food For Thought…

    Every time I scroll Facebook, I see pictures of happy captions, forced smiles, empty eyes. And I remember the feeling. There was a time my life looked great on paper… but my god, was I so not in love with my life. I was complacent for a long time… going through the motions, getting through each day. And then I said f this. And I created a life that I love. And I’m not done. I’m constantly dreaming and planning and creating. There is nothing I can’t have or can’t do.  The same goes for you. The life you’re living right now doesn’t have to be it. You can CREATE…

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    Bump Watch: 15 Weeks!

    We’re 15 weeks! 💙💙 Feeling good, except I have been fighting a bad cold going on two weeks now! 😩 I cannot breathe or stop coughing, let alone bring myself to workout! So exercise has been a big 🚫 these past two weeks. Like literally, 0 workouts… and no regrets 😂😂 But I am missing it today… it’s time! I’m feeling… weak, I guess is the right word. So, I’m thinking tonight it’s time to pick the weights back up! (AJ- this is your note to not accept any excuses from me after work ☺) Another month and we’ll be able to see this sweet baby on an ultrasound! 💙 Who else is pregnant with me right now?!  

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    We ALL have skin!!

    Can we talk SKIN for a moment?! I recently saw someone else post about this, and I just have to shout it out too- because not enough people do! Have you ever been sitting down, or maybe driving in your car, and you look down and think “ugh, my stomach is so gross”. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Ladies… IT’S NOT GROSS! IT’S SKIN!! We all have it. It moves, you can pull at it, it scrunches up and hangs over your shorts when you sit…. it’s NORMAL! Even those fitness models you follow on IG have it! Maybe they don’t show it… but I promise you, when they’re not flexing, they have it. I get…

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    I workout ABS while PREGNANT!

    16 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby and just finished an ab interval workout. Wait… what?! 😳 Yes- I workout abs while pregnant! 💪🏽 I hear all the time that you should stop doing abs the moment you find out you’re pregnant. But… WHY?! If you have a healthy, normal pregnancy (I’ve had a not so healthy and not so normal pregnancy- so I get that), then there is no reason why you need to change your normal exercise routine! If anything- isn’t pregnancy the most IMPORTANT time to be healthy and fit? If there’s going to be anytime I want my body to be in it’s best shape, at its highest endurance,…

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    Gym 🚫 Fancy studio 🚫 Cute outfit 🚫 Large space 🚫 Personal trainer 🚫 Babysitter 🚫 Time 🚫 You can add whatever you want to this list of excuses- but at the end of the day, that’s all they are. No gym membership, no fancy yoga studio, no new shoes, no babysitter…. just me, a 25 minute online workout, and this little space in between baby’s crib and two huge piles of laundry. (I’ll get to that eventually.) A 10 month old in the crib next to me, and her brother growing in my belly. On a rainy, overcast day, perfect for being lazy. But I 💪🏽got 💪🏽 it 💪🏽 done. Don’t feel like getting it done? That’s fine, don’t. But it’s…

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