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Welcome! I’m so excited you took a moment to visit this page- and am hoping you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! My mission is simple – to help you create a healthy and happy lifestyle, to be the best you can be! Sounds a little cheesy, I know.. but it’s true. That’s what we’re all striving for anyway, isn’t it? To be the best mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, friend, sister…. and we can’t be that until you are the best YOU first! Mentally, emotionally, physically… this page is designed to give you all the tools you need to set goals and reach those goals!

I started this page shortly after having my twins, Molly and Madelynn. Although, Molly likes to be called “Mo” now 🙂  I was 23 years old- and wow, did that year change my life! From a high risk pregnancy, to months in the NICU with 31-week preemies… to eventually getting married, having another baby, and getting divorced. I’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and today am living life the happiest I’ve ever been, by my design. I’ve met my soulmate, we’ve had our FIFTH daughter… this page chronicles my life; my journey and my family is an open-book. You may relate to parts of it, you may be inspired by parts of it. My only goal is help you transform your life by sharing my own!

I have a masters degree in marketing and communication, I’ve worked in the corporate world, I’ve taught at universities… my little blog started as a personal journal- I had no idea anyone would ever see it. Millions of views later,  and I’m now living my passion of working from home, with my children by my side, coaching women from around the world.

It truly takes a village… and I thank you for being apart of mine! Now, let’s go!