Gym 🚫
Fancy studio 🚫
Cute outfit 🚫
Large space 🚫
Personal trainer 🚫
Babysitter 🚫
Time 🚫

You can add whatever you want to this list of excuses- but at the end of the day, that’s all they are. No gym membership, no fancy yoga studio, no new shoes, no babysitter…. just me, a 25 minute online workout, and this little space in between baby’s crib and two huge piles of laundry. (I’ll get to that eventually.) A 10 month old in the crib next to me, and her brother growing in my belly. On a rainy, overcast day, perfect for being lazy. But I 💪🏽got 💪🏽 it 💪🏽 done.
Don’t feel like getting it done? That’s fine, don’t. But it’s because of your priorities- not any of the other excuses you might tell yourself. And girl, I’ve been there! I’ve gone weeks without exercising…. because I just didn’t feel like it. No shame! But just know- if you want to- you don’t need ANYTHING but your body and the right mindset to get in shape. Nothing! Not a weight, not a gym membership… all you need to start your journey is YOU. Your body. Just start. You got this!

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